Friday, January 28, 2011

Getting thousands of Facebook friends is the desire of almost every Facebook users. Some of the users add only those people, they know personally. But, the professionals who want to advertise their product or service or want to make their account or fan page popular, try to add more and more friends quickly. Well Most Of Your Friends Don't have 5000 Friends On Facebook. So You Could Show off your Friends on Facebook...while they are at 100.

This Blog Shows You few most Simplest ways To get Facebook Friends Fast. But you Cannot get More Friends Unless you are using FB most of the Time.

Here Are things you Need to Do:

1. Create a Account Get a Good Profile Picture. Add few People (Either your friends Or Other People.)

2.Now since you have a FaceBook Account.
let me Tell you About a important yet unnoticed facebook Feature: Friend suggest.(You can Check my Blog For Facebook Friend Suggestion)

Persuade Your Friends to suggest Friends For You. 50 suggestion can Be sent a Time .So Get 1 Time suggestion From your Friends.So If you get Suggestion From 10 Of your Friends that Makes 500 suggestion.

!STOP! You have Many Suggestion .But Dont add Then All now.Since The Suggest is Sent either ways. They Can add you.Wait For Their requests. IF u have like 500 suggestions you Get 50 requests Daily.So accept all Of Them And ask your Friends For More Suggestions.

3.Getting To 400-500 Friends On Facebook is very Hard .Then After That you Can Add More Friends Easily.

5.Well you Just Cant rest There! Now Since you You have not Sent any request.Now you Got To Send!
Well there's A Trick To it.
In you Home Page There is The Most Recent button.

Click it It Should view Your Friends Most recent Activities Such as photo tag, Friends With,Statuses etc. Now all you gotta do is add The People From These Post. Mostly adding The People From the statues likes and Comment Will Be beneficial. And There's a likely More chance of getting your requests accepted quickly because the people are Online Right Then.

Don't send Too Much requests just try to Send at least 70-80 requests because FB can Block you For Sending too many requests. The Danger level is 50 But If Most Of your requests Get accepted then you can Send More requests.
After a few days You Have many friends But also many Pending or unanswered requests so If you Send More you'll be likely To get Blocked. so While i was On Fb i Found a pretty useful app to Help you Out.
it Shows your pending requests..
Check The requests Which were not accepted Within A few Days remove penDing requests on Facebook at least one Time in 4 Days you Wont get Blocked.Just Goto The person's profile and click Cancel Friend requests.

6.Other simple ways That can help you In The Process:
-Join groups,Fan Pages and Post on Walls.
-Like and leave good comments on People's status,photo..write On walls. It Makes likely For Getting More Requests.
-Create your own page and promote it And Add members.

I guess I have Helped you A Lot. I recommend The step 2 and 3.
If you are a regular Facebook user and spend Most Of your time on facebook you Should Get 5000 friends  easily in like 30-50 Days without Getting Blocked!

And Don't Forget To Add Me! ^_^

[P.S] I am just A newbie in These Things So Comments,Suggestions would be appreciated.And This Blog Is Still Incomplete so Stay updated.